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#1 Musculoskeletal Myth: Treat Where It Hurts

We often aren’t grateful for all the things our bodies do on a daily basis … until they stop. The neck in particular is involved in almost every daily task – from sitting at your desk for 8+ hours to your favorite exercise, watching TV, reading a book or keeping you safe while driving.  You may not realize it, but all these activities create a lot of work for your neck, whose little muscles rarely get a break.

At the base of your skull lie tiny muscles known as the suboccipitals. These muscles are frequently beat up from our modern-day lifestyle of staring down at our phones and slumping at our desks. As a result, these small muscles will develop adhesion and become shortened, closing down the joint and causing your skull base and head to tip up.

Of course, no one walks around with their head tilted up because the body is really good at compensating. Instead of making you stare up at the ceiling or sky all day, your body allows your head to drop forward and go on with your life … at a high cost. Your body has to create stability for this ‘new’ posture so it recruits the muscles of your upper back and ‘traps’ but leads to a great deal of dysfunction the longer it continues.

head posture

As your head creeps farther forward, the upper back and trapezius muscles have to engage more and more to balance the the weight of the head. This is why your upper back hurts and always is ‘tight’. Most people understand that they didn’t get this way overnight, but you can now see why these symptoms are usually a result of a bigger problem, not just the spot where it hurts.

Finding the correct cause of your neck and upper back pain is oftentimes very difficult, leading to your problem being misdiagnosed and mistreated. What you deserve is a doctor who can figure out why the upper back muscles are getting overworked and get to the true cause of the dysfunction, not just beat up the symptoms.

Fortunately, at Balanced Body Soft Tissue & Spine we specialize in finding and fixing adhesion, the most misdiagnosed cause of chronic neck issues. Dr. Hommer is the only certified Integrative Diagnosis™ provider in central Iowa for treating chronic muscle, nerve, and joint problems. If you are experiencing upper back or trapezius (‘trap’) pain and want a long term solution, call our office today (515) 963-1641!