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All in the Wrist [Patient Post]

When I first started experiencing elbow pain a few years ago, I didn’t think much of it.

Aside from mentioning it to my primary care provider, who told me I had golfer’s elbow (I didn’t golf) and suggested I brace it (I never did), I didn’t actively seek care for it. I figured it was from typing, or yoga, or tennis, or rock climbing, or weightlifting — none of which I planned on stopping. I’d live with it, I told myself. It wasn’t that big of a deal. The pain — an occasional, deep ache on the inside of the elbow joint — wasn’t that unbearable. It didn’t disrupt my life. I could still use (albeit sometimes painfully) my arm to type, do downdog, swing my racket, pinch a hold and bench press. In the big scheme of things, I felt my elbow pain didn’t really matter…

That was until I graduated from college and landed a full-time job at a newspaper that had me at the computer 40 hours a week. The pain began to increase while my hopes of alleviating it decreased. I bought a comfier mouse pad to support my wrist but never commited to the ergonomic arm rest sitting in my Amazon cart. When I stumbled across dry needling while writing a business feature, I thought maybe I’d found the answer. I received a complimentary (uncomfortable) treatment as part of my research, and the pain subsided for a few days, only to rear its ugly head in the following weeks.

But I kept on. I joined a recreational tennis league and rubbed my elbow with all sorts of creams and oils after my matches. I bought a hot yoga membership and picked up some epsom salts for muscle soaks in the tub after hard sessions. Ultimately, when other more important health issues came up, my elbow was put on the backburner.

Then life change No. 2 came.

I simultaneously took a job at a climbing gym and was introduced to Dr. Hommer at Balanced Body Soft Tissue & Spine. I’d never considered chiropractic care, but working at the gym had me climbing more than ever. Not only was my elbow sore, but my hands, forearms and wrists, too.

During my exam, Dr. Hommer confirmed my PCP’s diagnosis of medial epicondylitis. She began to work on the inside of my forearm, breaking down the adhesion that had built up from all the overuse. I could literally feel and hear the bad tissue being scraped away during my treatments, and I immediately noticed less aching in my elbow. It wasn’t until about eight treatments that it became really clear the majority of the stubborn dysfunction in my wrist and hands that had been causing my elbow pain all along. It was hard to believe those little tendons, capsules and muscles were responsible for such a huge annoyance, but it made sense.

I thought about all the load I’d put on my wrists in the past: all those repetitive movements from typing, countless plank-based yoga moves, constant feedback from my racket during a set, one-armed hangs on the rockwall, and lugging around free weights. My wrists were tired. Shot. Donezo. And, of course, the dysfunction was most apparent in my dominant hand. But after several treatments, my wrist test looked 100 percent better, and I wasn’t feeling any pain in my elbow — despite climing more and finding a new yoga studio.

And to think one insignificant word was behind it all. Adhesion.


Have you been struggling to find relief from elbow, wrist or hand pain or have been diagnosed with tendinitis that has not completely resolved in 6 weeks? Most likely the diagnosis was wrong or the treatment was ineffective! You need a second opinion and the help of a soft tissue expert! At Balanced Body Soft Tissue & Spine we specialize in finding and fixing adhesion. Dr. Hommer is the only certified Integrative Diagnosis™ provider in central Iowa for treating chronic muscle, nerve, and joint problems. If you are experiencing wrist, forearm or elbow pain and want it fixed call our office today (515) 963-1641 !