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The Next Chapter

Now that I’ve fulfilled my legal obligations, I wanted to get a little more personal about closing my practice here.

It’s a little crazy how life works as I didn’t even have a desire to practice in Ankeny 7 years ago; I wanted to live in the hustle and amenities on the west side of the metro. Thankfully I ended up here and have appreciated the cozier feel of this commuter community that’s ironically becoming more like the western suburbs each year.

Professionally I grew from renting a single room and slowly transformed that into the practice I dreamed about from that tiny space. When I moved to my current location just over 3 years ago I was in love — from the details my dad helped me design to the patient base I organically built by going a little above and beyond what other chiropractors were willing to do. In that time I also went from an overwhelmed new graduate (sometimes education really oversells and under-delivers) to a confident physician. But through it all, a virtue that served me well was to treat and care for my patients how I would want my closest family members to be treated by another physician.

It’s bittersweet to close this chapter of my life. I’m leaving behind a practice that was once my dream: taking care of people, running and owning my own business, and knowing that I tried to make the world a little bit better for someone each day. However, it’s exhausting to be the business owner, the physician, the billing guru, the insurance liaison (on especially difficult cases), the internal accountant, the employee manager, the office decorator and the social media content brainpower. I get home at night and wonder how people have a family on top of all this.

My new opportunity allows me to focus on what fulfills me most: patient care. Being a good physician requires a lot more than going to school and showing up to work each day. As a new graduate, I felt like that should’ve been enough — I just studied my butt off for 3 years and shackled myself to an enormous amount of debt. After a few years in practice (ah, the irony) I finally felt grounded yet unimpressed with chiropractic’s short-lived results. I continued to look for ways to improve treatment and finally gave in to a colleague’s nudge to look into Integrative Diagnosis™. Training in the ID system changed so many things about my practice but the most important was respecting the diagnostic process and prioritizing that over any treatment.

The current insurance and healthcare model creates an incentive for doctors to deliver quantity and not quality. Doctors will either continue to see more patients, deliver quicker and less attentive care, and/or throw on multiple ‘treatments’ (ultrasound, e-stim, kinesiotape, laser, decompression, etc, etc) in one visit to get paid more OR double down on developing a skill that delivers high value and get the hell out.

Because of this, I’ve accepted a position at Peak Injury Solutions in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is another ID-based office that operates on the case fee model so no medical decisions are dictated by the billion-dollar industry of health care insurance. This position gives me the opportunity to hone in on and continue to develop and improve my skillset which means more efficient outcomes for patients. Switching to this new model creates more transparency for the patient; there’s an incentive for the doctor to get you better quick as possible and the patient is held accountable because they have made a commitment to see the case through to full functional improvement and condition resolution.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have served the Ankeny community and every one of you. Thanks for trusting your health in my hands and — for the majority — referring in your loved ones and family! Look for more to come on social media and the blog as the official moving date gets closer (last treatment day is September 21st). Until then, I’m here to make sure everyone is functioning at their maximum until we transition you onto another provider.

— Dr. Hommer