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Q: How is our office different?

In our office, proper diagnosis is the top priority. Unfortunately the musculoskeletal world is full of symptom-based syndromes or non-specific diagnoses which leads to ineffective treatments and thus poor outcomes.

Our ideal patient has some or all of the following: a recurring pain/injury, poor or incomplete resolution from other options (chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy, injections, previous surgery) or a desire to avoid injections, nerve blocks or future surgery. We fix patients that other doctors can’t.


Q: What conditions do we treat?

Our office specializes in muscle, joint, and nerve problems that are caused by adhesion. Dr. Hommer specializes in finding and fixing adhesion, which is a difficult problem to find and even more difficult to fix. Integrative Diagnosis™ trained providers can help with this problem as it is not extensively trained in as part of any doctorate education. If other treatments have failed you or you haven’t reached your maximum level of improvement, our treatments may be the answer for full condition resolution.


Q: Why is muscle adhesion so important?

Muscle adhesion is the most common cause for pain, weakness and decreased flexibility in the human body. It is also vastly under-diagnosed or completely missed by many practitioners. In the majority of cases it won’t show up on an X-ray or MRI so many doctors completely disregard it. When adhesion builds up over time it can lead to more force being put on the tendons, cartilage and ligaments, leading to joint degeneration and tears. Adhesion is completely reversible with the expert treatment that Dr. Hommer is trained in and can be removed non-invasively using her hands or an instrument.


Q: Why is this better than traditional chiropractic or physical therapy?

Unfortunately the current medical model for musculoskeletal injuries is awful; providers only diagnose and treat based on what they are trained which means patients don’t get what they deserve. Guessing at diagnoses and applying the wrong or ineffective treatments create poor outcomes, leaving the patient to suffer more. At Balanced Body Soft Tissue and Spine the focus of our exams and specificity of treatments yields immediate and sustained improvements. All of our results are measurable and utilizing the rest-treat-retest process creates transparency for the patient and doctor to ensure honest and rapid results. We see the difference, you feel the difference!

Q: What does a new patient appointment entail?

What does a new patient appointment entail?A new patient visit includes an Integrative Diagnosis™ exam, neurological testing, a review of past imaging/medical history, an accurate diagnosis, a report of findings, and a treatment plan. Dr. Hommer will also discuss any other complicating factors that may be present or could potentially become a problem with your treatment.

Please bring any imaging (preferable on a CD) and relevant radiology reports. No treatment is done on the initial examination. 


Q: How long will I need to be treated?

While treatment lengths vary from person to person and from condition to condition, there are a few rules of thumb you can follow.

Recent injuries tend to respond to fewer visits when treated appropriately and immediately, assuming that no major structural damage has occurred. Recurring conditions are generally more stubborn and difficult to manage, requiring more frequent visits until function is fully achieved. Generally, the longer your condition has been going on, the more treatments necessary for complete resolution.

Additionally, adherence to recommendations for care, lifestyle changes, and rehabilitative exercises will expedite healing and produce quicker results.

Q: What do I need to do to become a new patient?

First, call our office at (515) 963-1641 to speak with an office representative to secure an appointment time.

Next, fill out our New Patient Intake form at least 48 hours prior to your visit.

Please bring any imaging (CD preferable) and relevant radiology reports to you first appointment. Also, please come in workout attire. If you are coming in with an upper body injury like shoulder pain, please wear a tank top. If you are coming in with a lower back or a lower body injury, please wear running shorts.