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Heather and Rigo M. - Ankeny, Iowa

My husband and I have always greatly appreciated your individual approach to treatment. When we come in, we don’t feel like you’re just going through the same routine and motions you do every time with every person, like so many of the other chiropractors we’ve been to in the past. You take your time, find our specific problems and treat them specifically each time.

We also like how you consistently refer back to ways you’ve treated our issues in the past so you can see if they’re new or if you need to try a different method of therapy. We appreciate the fact that you know who we are and what our individual struggles are and treat them accordingly with various methods and techniques.

We no longer feel like we’re stuck with our issues because our providers routine isn’t getting to the problem! On that note, you’re the first provider we’ve gone to that practices ART. For the first time we were able to see someone who could treat our muscle and scar tissue issues at the same time she’s aligning and adjusting my skeletal issues. That made all the difference in the world with how quick and effective my treatment plans needed to be. I typically feel improvement after even one session with you because you treat the whole issue, rather than having to come in several times before feeling some relief.

Thanks for what you do! You’re amazing and we love you!!

Jenny S. - Ankeny, Iowa

Dr. Dani is honest, caring, extremely knowledgeable, and got rid of my daily headaches.  She has always listened to my concerns, given great advice to help correct bad habits (posture, etc) and is simply a great chiropractor.  I was getting daily headaches for a few years.  The headaches were getting worse and nothing I seemed to do helped.  My primary doctor referred me to a physical therapist.  I treated with the physical therapist for months with little to no relief.  I finally had to try something new because I was taking multiple ibuprofen every day to try to dull the pain.  My home life, my kids, my husband and my health were starting to suffer because I seemed to always have a headache!  I made an appointment with Dr. Dani and I am so glad I did!  My daily headaches are gone and I feel great!  Dr. Dani is also a wonderful nutritionist.  I try to eat healthy but must admit I fall off the bandwagon frequently!  Dr. Dani has always answered all of my nutrition questions and she has even emailed me some great links to recipes.  Dr. Dani also suggested I make an appointment with my local HyVee dietician to take a store tour since I felt I was struggling in making good food decisions simply due to lack of knowledge of certain foods.  I made the appointment, learned so much and Dr. Dani even met me there to tag along on the tour with me.  I was ecstatic!  If that isn’t caring about your patients, I don’t know what is!  I will always go to Dr. Dani for my chiropractic care and will continue to refer her to anyone who is searching for the best chiropractor in Ankeny.

Kim S. - Des Moines, Iowa

Before I started seeing Dr. Dani, I had chronic, middle age aches and pains.  After several visits with her, the pain in various joints and muscles is minimal or gone altogether.  I hurt my shoulder recently and she has greatly helped to get it back where it should be. I appreciate that she takes the time to listen.  I never feel rushed into or out of her office but feel that she gives me the time I need. In addition to chiropractic treatments, she has also shown me some exercises which have strengthened weak areas of my body. Dr. Dani is willing to share her expertise in various areas of health as well.  My daughters have seen her, too, though their young, healthy bodies do not need her services as often as I do, and she has helped them as well.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Doug & Becky T. - Ankeny, Iowa

What else can we say? We LOVE Dr. Dani! I think we’ve been seeing her for a couple years now, and continue to do so because we like the way she adjusts us. She really listens to how we feel, and takes great care in addressing those specific issues. It isn’t just a “snap & go” appointment. She takes time to address our specific concerns completely. This can include a variety of different treatment styles. And she doesn’t rush you through like you’re just another number. We had never had ART before seeing her, but found it to be a very a valuable treatment for us. She has also worked tirelessly with our insurance company to get things through that they try to deny. We are so thankful for that! We love Dr. Dani and would recommend her to anyone!

Don E. - Ankeny, Iowa

I have received excellent chiropractic care from Dr. Dani for nearly two years. The Active Release Techniques (ART) she uses on my left calf and IT band have significantly reduced the amount of pain I feel on a daily basis. Through regular adjustments and ART I have been able to expand my exercise routine enough to train for and complete the Des Moines Half Marathon. I would highly recommend Dr. Dani to anyone looking for chiropractic care. I am thankful she has chosen Ankeny for her practice and I sincerely hope she stays in Ankeny for many many years.

Bob B. - Ankeny, Iowa

I have been a patient of Dr. Danielle Hommer’s for a year and a half.  Dr. Hommer is a caring and kind healthcare provider. Her vast knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and chiropractic benefits her patients. Whatever symptom or pain I have Dr. Hommer finds a way to reduce my pain and or get me pain free. Besides her expertise in chiropractic adjusting, she is certified in the Active Release Technique (ART) soft tissue therapy. If your muscles hurt, ask her if Active Release Technique would be helpful. Her expertise in chiropractic adjusting extends from the spine to extremities (including shoulders, wrists, knees, ankles and feet).

Outside of her vast health care knowledge, she is an outstanding person who cares about her patients getting better or getting well. She greets each patient with a smile and explains why she is doing a specific treatment or suggesting a specific exercise.

If you have a need for chiropractic care, I strongly recommend you schedule an appointment to visit Dr. Hommer.

Shelley H. - Milo, IA

Dr. Dani takes the time to understand the cause of the issues you are having as well determining a path to wellness.  The ART she performs, in conjunction with the chiropractic care, has helped immensely and now just a visit every 2 weeks keeps me pain free.

Sam B. - Ankeny, Iowa

I could write paragraphs about how much Dr. Dani has helped me live as pain-free as possible but I’m not sure that would even do her any justice.  Words alone cannot describe the power of her experience combined with her individualized approach and adaptive techniques; it is something that needs to be experienced to believe.  I have found her treatments invaluable and I will forever be thankful for that!